Friday, August 3, 2012

Get Out There & Ride Your Bike

After the Bloomfield Halloween Parade (which we're getting closer to every day!), BikeFest is my favorite yearly Pittsburgh event. It's a celebration of biking in Pittsburgh, and there are so many awesome opportunities to get out there and ride around the city. This year, BikeFest kicks off with PedalPGH on Sunday, August 5. 

It's pretty much guaranteed to be the largest group ride of the year, which should help to bring awareness to biking throughout the city. I see more people biking every day, and the more people out there with us, the safer we will be. 

BikeFest then continues through August 19, and the list of scheduled events is extensive and there is definitely something for everyone.

Here are the events that I've highlighted on my calendar:

SUNDAY - August 5 - PedalPGH Ride
MONDAY NIGHT/TUESDAY AM - August 6/7 - Moonlight Ride
WEDNESDAY - August 8 - Carrie Furnace Ride
THURSDAY - August 9 - Northside Public Art Tour
FRIDAY - August 10 - BikeFest Party
SATURDAY - August 11 - The Hollows Ride
SUNDAY - August 12 - Yoga Ride
TUESDAY - August 14 - Roberto Clemente Ride
THURSDAY - August 16 - Underwear Ride
FRIDAY - August 17 - Flock of Cycles Ride
SATURDAY - August 18 - Light Up Ride
SUNDAY - August 19 - Golden Girls Scavenger Hunt

I'm looking forward to those rides as I continue to add miles to my Pedal for Pennies project. Whether you're a daily biker or just go out for a fun ride every now and then, try and get out there for PedalPGH and some BikeFest activities. It's a great way to show you care about biking in Pittsburgh, which in turn gives BikePGH more leverage when making the city a safer place to be on two wheels.

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