Monday, October 15, 2012

It's a Great Day for a Parade: Bloomfield's Columbus Day Parade

I. Love. Parades.

Seriously. Is there such a thing as a bad parade? I love seeing people hanging out on the sidewalks, chatting with their neighbors, watching marching bands, dance troupes, floats, and a whole bevy of other colorful things travel slowly down a main drag in a business district. Bloomfield delights with not one, but TWO parades in October. (The second parade...The Bloomfield Halloween Parade...words cannot describe how excited for it I am.) I was biking around the East End on the Saturday morning of the Columbus Day Parade, and was lucky to get back to my neck of the woods before the festivities ended. Below are some photos of the parade as I caught it going by. Bloomfield kicks some serious butt in October, and the Columbus Day Parade is a great way to start off the best month.

If you've never noticed, the mural here incorporates Bloomfield's parade traditions. The little girl even has a jack-o-lantern candy bucket. Further proof that the Bloomfield Halloween parade is the best night of the year. Beyond the mural, folks gather up and down Liberty to watch the entertainment.

It's Franco! Right there, in my neighborhood. One of those PGH-figures who everyone seems to respect, admire, and want a handshake from. Can't say watching him give high-fives to the youngsters surrounding his convertible didn't choke me up a bit. Especially thinking about how some of those youngsters have yet to grasp just who Franco is and what awesome thing he did.

Reason no. 1 why I love parades:

Because you don't see insane nonsense walking down your street any ol' day of the year. I'm still not even sure if this was a part of a float or group or if this nightmare-clown was a rogue participant. Either way, I love it.

Why was this gentleman riding inside the truck? Doesn't he know this is Pittsburgh? We are furry-friendly! No need to be ashamed, sir!

These guys are the best. 

There's only a couple more weeks till The Bloomfield Halloween Parade. The Columbus Day Parade whets the appetite. The Halloween Parade is the main course AND dessert. It's that good.

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