Sunday, October 21, 2012

Steelers v. Eagles: A Win, A Gray and Rainy Sunday

I'm very lucky to enjoy the privilege of attending a Steelers game once a year. My dad and his fraternity brothers have had season tickets to the Steelers since they were living in the Beta Theta Pi house at CMU. They had the foresight to procure an extra ticket in their group of seats, so I've been enjoying this privilege throughout my life. Even while I lived in Boston I tried to keep the one-game-a-year tradition alive by flying home for a game whenever I could. 

Last year, I got to witness the Halloween Miracle of the Steelers beating the Patriots, which is pretty important for a person who despises all things Boston sports. (Sorry, but five years of living in a hostile sports environment will do that to you...) This year I also got to see a win, but it was less miraculous and more gray and rainy. I also got to sit way closer that where I normally do AND bring a friend with me. So, all in all: excellent. 

Before the game, Corey and I rode our bikes down to the Strip to eat some food before the game. The perfect pre-game meal: double egg and cheese from Primanti's. Kiiiiiiiinda makes me want another one right now.

Today is a Sunday, and there is a game in about ten hours. My dad and brother will be coming over for dinner and then hang out for a while and watch the game. (A Bethel Bakery cake has been procured. Yes.) My fervor for the Steelers feels a bit tepid this year. I need to fix that STAT, especially with hockey being (very very sadly) MIA.

On that note, I'm off to research Steelers bars in Sydney, Australia...

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