Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stroll the Cemetery: Fall 2012

So, we are all hunkering down for Frankenstorm, right? I am highly doubtful that Pittsburgh is in for anything more than several days of rain. Supposedly Tuesday we'll be facing hurricane-winds, but that will hopefully be more a fun bike-commute challenge than anything else. The one thing this constant rain will do is take the remainder of the leaves off the trees. So very sad.

Fortunately, before this dreary cold rain came to town, we were graced by a lovely week of Indian summer weather. I took the opportunity to take many bike rides and many walks, including a nice long one through the Allegheny Cemetery. Though I proclaim a love of summer over all other seasons, fall is really the most breathtaking time of year. My favorite color is orange. Followed by yellow. Followed by red. So, for me, fall is the perfect. (The only reason I can't call it my favorite is because it's always too short. It's always perfect for a couple weeks and then it's a slow and painful descent into the long cold and dark winter.) As these adventures through the cemetery continue throughout the year, I am highly doubtful that any of the photos I take will be as beautiful as these.

How perfect is that orange tree? Pretty perfect. 

One of my favorite things about the Allegheny Cemetery is seeing all the graves and mausoleums with the names of Pittsburgh streets. Ward Street was home to my first Pittsburgh apartment. 

This wins my vote for my favorite photo of the day.

Why, oh why, can't we live in a world where the trees are always this way?

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