Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PGH's Best Night of the Year: The Bloomfield Halloween Parade 2012

Well, folks. Another Bloomfield Halloween Parade is in the books. This year's parade took place on the tail end of our lovely Indian summer, which meant it was warm and dry outside. Perfect conditions for beers on the street while the wonderfully odd parade went by. Words, honestly, cannot do the parade justice. So this year I took short videos of some of the parade's best moments:

Shark! Shark! Shark! (As well as a "never forget" with regard to the Zoltan costumes.)

The Tamburitzans!

A very, very creepy Mr. Rooter. That costume is...just creepy. Also, Mr. Rooter has an arm on him. He really whipped that candy into the crowd.

The little AAA car is ALWAYS a Halloween Parade highlight.

WHO YOU GONNA CALL? (Honestly, Ghostbusters is really a favorite song of mine. Like, in general.)

So much going on in this clip. Steeley McBeam, a Here We Go Steelers chant, Nightmare Dancing, and  a Gooski's chant. This is why the parade is the best thing that happens all year.

We hate crime, McGruff.

I've saved my top three moments of the parade for last.

The Polish Hill Zombie Band.

The C.S. Kim Karate Demo - BREAK SOME BOARDS.


Anyone who thinks there is a better nighttime experience in Pittsburgh is crazy. The Bloomfield Halloween Parade is reason enough for me to never ever leave. The only bad thing is that when it's over, there's another year to go until the next one.

Happy Halloween!

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