Monday, October 22, 2012

Fright Nights: Kennywood with Ghouls

Two things I love in life: amusement parks and Halloween. Put them together and it's an "Allison Special." Kennywood's Fright Nights, for the second year in a row, proved to be an excellent time. We rode coasters (the Jack Rabbit - double dips in the dark!, the Racer - my car won!, the Exterminator - even more fun in the dark!, and the Phantom's Revenge - terrifyingly awesome!). We ate Potato Patch fries and corn dogs and fried oreos and soft pretzels. We only went through one haunted house, Dark Shadows, but it was totally awesome because it was more based in environmental frights and being incredibly disorienting. I got a really good scare coming out of the Exterminator, which ended with me yelling a very bad word and running quickly away (like the scaredy cat that I truly am proud to be). We stayed in the park until the cold started to set in and we couldn't ignore our numbing fingers and toes any longer. Here are a few pictures from our Fright Night.

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  1. The Racer facade is one of my favorite things in the world.