Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm a Really Terrible Driver: Here Are Some Cool Cars

I think it's safe to say that cars aren't my thing. When I turned sixteen, I couldn't wait to drive. I got my permit so soon after my birthday and took and passed my driver's test one the first possible day it was available to me. I was lucky to have a dad who worked for Chrysler, so I was presented with a pretty sweet and new Jeep Cherokee in "patriot blue" as my first car. 

Crashed it. Totaled it.

Then there was the red Jeep Cherokee. Then there was the orange Jeep Wrangler. There might have been another Wrangler after that that I'm forgetting.

I'm really a terrible driver. 

But I can appreciate a good-looking car, which is why I wanted to go to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. We didn't see any of the race, but we did check out the cars.

In the future, should I need a car (I hope that is NEVER the case, for my own and for everyone else's safety), I want this old orange Fiat. It's adorable. And orange.

But, I have to admit to myself that I'm going to need to be a little more practical. So I think this orange old Scout would be an excellent choice. I could fit my bike in there, camp gear in there, all sorts of stuff in there. And it's orange.

We stopped by some Chrysler cars, so I could tell my dad that I did. The pentastar logo is so emblazoned on my childhood brain. 


  1. I think you have an eye for fine vehicles! These autos are definitely remarkable! Although I like new car releases, I cannot stop loving those vintage road machines. Their workmanship is undeniably notable and outstanding. And don’t feel bad about you past car accidents. Drivers and car owners all have their fair share of car crashes and accidents. Just remember to take all the precautions, and practice makes perfect! Drive safely! [Patrick Gauer]

  2. That orange Fiat is absolutely cute! I imagine myself driving that car while I’m roaming around the streets of Prague. :) This kind of car is very ideal to use when you’re driving along European cities since they have narrow roads there.

    Nicole Vickers

  3. I agree that the orange Fiat is so adorable. I remember a suitor driving one of these and his night was kinda ruined since I talked a lot about his car. In fact, I then didn’t mind what he’s saying that’s not about the car. In retrospect, that was kinda mean. Haha! I guess he’s not a car enthusiast like me and he was really pissed off. Poor boy. :D

    Ashely Redden