Monday, July 9, 2012

PGH CHEAP: Oh Yeah! We're Going to a Laser(tainment) Show!

Ladies and gentlemen, Fountains of Wayne:

Oh yeah, I went to a laser show. Part of Pittsburgh's 2012 Regatta (you gotta regatta!) was a nightly laser show at Point State Park. Of course, it was free and that fits into my budget for PGH CHEAP this July. I could think of no better way to spend an evening last Monday night, so I biked down the Eliza Furnace Trail toward the city at sunset and took in Lasertainment's highly enjoyable production. I have to admit, right before it started, I wondered if I wasn't about to be very disappointed in my choice of activity for the night. But I was pleasantly surprised, and even a little impressed by the show. 

The small screen was my first cause for concern that this laser show might not be awesome.

Waited for the sun to go down by reading and writing and sitting in the grass.

I cannot recall what song they used this dancing chicken for, but oh my gosh, the laser dancing chicken made my night.

This second video is really where it's at. Lasers and fireballs.

Cost of Lasertainment: FREE.

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