Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let's All Go to the Movies!

I have always loved going to the movies. I love buttery popcorn. I love trailers. I love sitting in the dark and watching something I've never seen before, and wondering whether or not it's something I'm about to fall in love with. I also love when a theater like The Oaks in Oakmont plays classics like E.T. or Ghostbusters, which I went to see with my friend Zack a couple Fridays ago.

We drove up to The Oaks and, to our pleasant surprise, the Steel City Ghostbusters were there in full force with their very authentic Ecto1.

Zack and I were moviegoing partners the next week when we took in Shut Up and Play the Hits at the Manor in Squirrel Hill.

I hadn't been to the Manor in a long time. It was another pleasant surprise to find that they had renovated the inside to add a bar/lounge area. PBRs were $2.50 and you could take them into the theater. Genius. All movies that I want to see that are playing at the Manor will now be seen there.

The Oaks, The Manor, and other independent theaters (like The Harris in Downtown or The Hollywood in Dormont) around Pittsburgh are great options when you're tired of the multiplexes.

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  1. I hadn't been to a multiplex in a while and nearly lost my shit when I paid $5.50 for a Diet Coke. WITH NO RUM.