Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PGH T-Shirt Collection: July 2012, Vol. 2

More t-shirts! More t-shirts!

T016: Girl Talk Zombie
Where Bought: This was a gift from Eric.
I like this shirt because Girl Talk + Pittsburgh + Zombies.

T017: The Burg
Where Bought: Pittsburgh International Airport
This was one of the first t-shirts I picked up at the Pittsburgh International Airport on one of many trips visiting home while I lived in Boston. I still obsessively check out the various t-shirt vendors around the airport whenever I'm flying out. I can't be stopped. Also, "BURG" should have an "H"; perhaps I should add one.

T018: East Liberty Drawing
Where Bought: Cotton Factory, with gift certificate from Kate.
It took me a long time to decide between this or the Oakland t-shirt. Oakland is kind of my past, and East Liberty is a bit more of the present/future (lately I've been pondering the possibility of settling into a home or condo there...).

T019: Iron City Steelers Gear
Where Bought: Cotton Factory, with gift certificate from Kate.
It's always good to add another t-shirt to my options for Sunday afternoons in football season.

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