Monday, July 23, 2012

"LIVE" Blogging Sebak: Things That Are Still Here

Last time I sat down to watch a Rick Sebak doc, it was about things that no longer exist. This time, I sat down to watch one about things that are still around.

Here are the thoughts I had while watching. Enjoy!

- I'm excited to see things that are still here. I already can't wait to see them for myself. I am a nerd like that.

- Starting with dinos. OKAY! (This goes along perfectly with the PGH Book I am reading right now.) The dinosaur collection at the Carnegie is the best on the planet, and it's such a thrill to be able to go see them whenever I want. I can still remember being a kid and walking into the dinosaur hall and feeling so small and so in awe. Also: There used to be a LIGHT SHOW on the dino bones? Bring that back, ASAP. Nominee for best quote of doc: "Her office is in the 'Big Bone Room.'"

- Mmmmmm. Donuts. This is just cruel right now, Sebak. I love it when people say things like "I just have to take a box of Orem's donuts with me when I go out of town." (I'm going to have to make a Paddy Cake trip soon.)

- Nicholas Coffee & Tea is one of my favorite places Downtown, especially when it's cold out. There's something about a Nicholas latte on a really cold day.

- I need to go explore these coke ovens outside of Connellsville. They look pretty rad.

- Watching these clay jugs being made is honestly fascinating. HOLY CRAP. It looks like it is someone's job in the factory to smash the imperfect plates. I am envious. The Fiestaware plant might be my favorite segment of this documentary. It's really enjoyable. I absolutely love these people waiting to get into the factory sale. Heartwarming times a million.

- Officially putting the Braddock Carnegie Library on the list of things to see this summer. What an absolutely beautiful building.

- Ahh, Ligonier Beach. An interesting place, to say the least. A bar and a diving board in the same location? Perfection.

- Lots of interesting facts about the mobile hanging in the Pittsburgh International Airport. Can't wait to share those.

- Oh! The Belts! I love the belts. When I was learning how to drive to Oakland, I had to remember to turn at the one Blue Belt sign going up that hill. (How you know you're a Pittsburgh: you could never give directions with street names.) I love how no one knows what the belts are or what they do. It's seriously one of my favorite weird Pittsburgh things. "It's a unique system, and it works well." Another good nominee for best quote of doc.

(Someone please find a way to get an Orange Belt sign in to my possession. Thanks!)

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