Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PGH T-Shirt Collection: July 2012

Of all the chores I wish I could do away with forever, laundry is at the top of the list. If I had a car, I would probably take my laundry home to my dad's house, and he would lovingly do it for me (because he knows how much I hate it and how bad I am at it (seriously: I'm really terrible at it)). But I don't have a car (I think that's been made clear by now, right?), so I must take care of my laundry myself. I typically wait until my clean clothes situation has become dire (that is, no more clean underwear), which it did the other day. As I was folding and putting away, I set aside some PGH t-shirts I hadn't yet shared. Enjoy them, and the glimpse into my apartment; I was tired of showing you my dirty floor.

T013: Reverse Keg Ride 2011
Where Bought: At the BikePGH/East End Brewery Keg Ride 2012. 
Confession: I was registered to ride this, and intended to do so in costume. But then it snowed and my friends and I all kind of backed out. But, offer me an orange t-shirt with a mummy riding a bike pulling a keg and I will find it impossible to say no. (Regardless of whether that shirt has anything to do with Pittsburgh.)

T014: Three Rivers Stadium
Where Bought: Steel City Cotton Works, with Groupon
I have so many good memories of THree Rivers Stadium from when I was a kid. This t-shirt had to be in my drawer.

T015: Pirates: Rebuilding Since 1992
Where Bought: Steel City Cotton Works, with Groupon
It's been twenty years. Could this possibly be our winning season? We're past the All-Star Break, so all bets are off. (Win or lose, just stay affordable, Pirates.)

Some more t-shirts coming at you tomorrow. That's how much laundry I had to do.

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