Monday, July 30, 2012

Gotham City = Pittsburgh: The Dark Knight Rises

By now we have mostly all seen The Dark Knight Rises? Yes? Ok!

Bat signal at the Carnegie Science Center.

Pittsburgh, aka GOTHAM CITY, from the Carnegie Science Center.

Midnight IMAX showing made for a rough Friday at work, but it was worth  it.
This won't be a lengthy post. I've always been a horrible reviewer of things. It's either I love it, I was amused by it, or I didn't care for it. With The Dark Knight Rises I was amused and I loved it. Seriously. I know the movie has its logistical flaws and a lot of people had issues with Bane's voice or the big problem that needs to be solved before the end of the movie, but I enjoyed every second of it. Most all of the recognizable Pittsburgh scenes are in the second half of the film, starting with the Heinz Field scenes, which my brother, friends and I were lucky enough to be VIPs at the day of filming. I saw my office building (not for long though; we're moving to PPG Place in a week) and watched orphans run out of what would be Franktuary. I saw the Saks Fifth Avenue sign as well as the sign for Wiener World. It was a little disorienting during the chase scene when they kept circling around Kaufmann's (Macy's - whatever). It was totally fun, and I'm expecting to schedule a second viewing soon. Going to the Science Center and seeing it on that crazy IMAX scene was great, but I'd like to see it normally too. I think I missed a lot of stuff around the periphery of each scene.

Anyways. Great movie. Great fun when they were in town filming. Even though I wasn't in the movie, it feels like a small part of me can be because those are my streets. I walk down them every day. Just like Batman.

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