Tuesday, January 17, 2012

EvBetPGH Resolution #3: Try New (Pittsburgh) Things!

Or even just try new things in general.

One thing I'm embarrassed to be known for is being extremely reluctant to try things. This is mostly related to food, now that I really think about it. And, honestly, that is just never going to change. But! What I can change is my aversion to routine and regularity.

Now, becoming a regular at a few local Pittsburgh institutions this year has been incredibly enjoyable. Especially when those things involve burgers, hot dogs, and great alcohol. But, it's time to keep those regular visits coming, but sprinkle in more new things. New restaurants. New nights out. New places to go. New people to see. I want new (Pittsburgh) things. For now, my "new thing" goal is one new thing a week.

Suggestions, again, are welcomed and encouraged! What things in Pittsburgh do you think I haven't done or haven't seen or haven't experienced? Leave a comment, or send me an email!

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