Friday, January 27, 2012

I Like Stuff. Wild Stuff.

My apartment is a collection of stuff. Of stuff I've made. Of stuff I've found. Of stuff that's been given to me. Of stuff that I've take with me. It's like a museum in some ways.

(Or maybe I'm a hoarder. Just the other day my friend Lindsay told me that watching Hoarders makes her think of me.)

Either way, I appreciate stuff, especially one-of-a-kind finds. As I'm trying to consume fewer things this year in an effort to save some money, when I do buy something it has to be unique. And unique things were the flavor of the day at Wild Stuff. Through March 31, Wild Stuff - a collaboration between Wild Card, Zombo Gallery, and Botero Development - will set up at 4300 Butler Street with a collection of items large and small and wholly unique.

Though I did not take home the very awesome and absurd "Guide to Bodily Fluids" (and honestly, I may have to go back and buy it on another Saturday...), I did find an amazing pillowsham that had all of the Canadian provincial coat of arms painted on it. It was something I would never find again and something that HAD to come and live on my wall.

While the cold is here and upon us, Wild Stuff is a great winter alternative to flea markets or yard sales. Find a Saturday before April gets here to get there and do some digging.

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