Friday, January 13, 2012

The Sebak Challenge: Watch All Rick Sebak Pittsburgh Documentaries

Without a doubt, the most famous alum of my alma mater is Rick Sebak. The Bethel Park High School graduate has pioneered a style of documentary storytelling so unique and so enjoyable. It's his oddly soothing voice. The way he gets the best out of whoever he talks to. Charm. It's just so damn charming. I'd like to set out on a little quest to watch all of the Pittsburgh-based Rick Sebak documentaries. They're listed below (and if anyone wants to lend me their copies, that would be pretty damn charming too).

Rick Sebak's Pittsburgh Documentaries
The Mon, The Al & The Oh
Kennywood Memories
Holy Pittsburgh!
Our Neighbor Fred Rodgers
Flying Off the Bridge to Nowhere! And Other Tales of Pittsburgh Bridges
Things That Aren't There Anymore
Downtown Pittsburgh
Stuff That's Gone
Houses Around Here
The Strip Show
North Side Stories
South Side
Things That Are Still Here
Something About Oakland
Pittsburgh A to Z
Happy Holidays in Pittsburgh
Things We've Made
Fred Rodgers: America's Favorite Neighbor
It's the Neighborhoods
What Makes Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Underground Pittsburgh
Invented, Engineered, and Pioneered in Pittsburgh
Right Beside the River

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  1. No love for the national programs (Hot Dog Show, Ice Cream Show, Flea Markets, Great Old Amusement Parks, etc.)?