Monday, January 9, 2012

The World's Heroes and Pittsburgh's Oldest Bar

This winter has been a tricky thing. Earlier in the fall a Post Gazette article warned of a brutally awful winter season, but so far, we've had two really cold days and just a smattering of snow. Since the unofficial start of winter (which I just always place as December 1), I've only had to commute to work by bus twice (stupid smattering of snow!). In my book, this is an awesome alternative to some winters past. Keep the mildness and beautiful days coming!

This past Saturday was that perfect mild and beautiful day. After meeting Corey in the Strip at 21st Street Coffee and Tea (yum to the latte and yum to the much-needed-by-that-point blueberry muffin), we rode our bikes through the Strip, into downtown, and across the Warhol Bridge. Fittingly, our destination was the Warhol Museum, where we would take in the Alex Ross exhibit Heroes and Villians on its LAST DAY.

No photos were allowed inside, which is really a shame, because there were some pretty amazing paintings, treasures from his childhood (superhero figures made of construction paper!), and my new favorite superhero. Plastic Man!

Corey educated me on what we were seeing in the exhibit, which I much appreciated. I had no idea the world of comics could be so intensely beautiful. Unfortunately, we caught it on the last day it was in town. Otherwise, I would totally recommend everyone go.

After the exhibit, we rode a little deeper into the North Side to Deutschtown. On our last visit, the Park House hadn't opened for the evening yet. So we'd had this place on our minds for a month or so.

We stopped in, had a few beers, watched some football, and ate a bunch of peanuts.

Maybe this mildness in the early winter is lulling me into a trap. Come Late February when there is two feet of snow piled up outside and it doesn't ever seem like we'll see green again, I'll be looking back fondly on the early January day when I biked around all day in tights and a light hoodie.

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