Friday, January 20, 2012

New Hair for a New Year: Pageboy Salon and Boutique

I'm not one to cut my hair with any sort of frequency or regularity. Normally I wait until the mess on top of my head is finally too unruly to do anything other than throw it in a ponytail. And then, it's time to suck it up and go to a salon. Around the middle of December, I realized I was at the end stages of acceptable appearance. At the same time Allie and I had lunch and she mentioned that she was going to make an appointment at Pageboy in Lawrenceville. They had just been voted Best Local Salon in the City Paper, and so, with this bit of serendipity, I asked Allie to book me one too. Which she did, side-by-side in mid January. After another month of disaster-hair, I went with Allie to Pageboy, where I received something very rare for me: a haircut I really liked and wanted.

I've never really had a consistent salon or hairdresser. It's probably the result of that whole putting it off as long as possible thing. But, leading up to my appointment, I had done a little reading up on the salon, and found the following description on the website:

"Pageboy Salon offers a fun environment where you can have a great conversation, laugh a little, and still enjoy a totally personal and professional experience."

This hits the nail right on the head. Allie and I sat through each other's appointments, hanging out with Dana and the other ladies working that afternoon. When I described what I had in mind for the cut that day, I basically described a trim. Nothing new. Nothing out of the ordinary. But, as Dana started cutting away, I felt more and more comfortable with taking a little bit of a risk and eventually told her to do what she thought best. She kept in mind what I had told her about my lifestyle (wear a helmet almost daily, don't have a lot of time to spend on it, etc.) and gave me a cut that looks great and will work for me. I love it, and I'll be back - sooner, rather than later.

Pageboy isn't just a salon, it's also a shop full of great new and vintage pieces. There are plans of expanding the salon and tightening the space and collection of the boutique, but I expect it will retain all the charm and chic that it currently has now. I explored the shop during a bit of Allie's appointment and found a great number of things I knew I could provide a good home for.

It was incredibly difficult not to take this home with me. This is going on a wishlist. Immediately.

Pageboy is easy to describe, but it would be hard to imitate. It is wonderful and well curated. It is sophisticated and comfortably homey. It's the kind of place I'd recommend to anyone. So - if you're looking for a new haircut or to add to your own personal style, visit Pittsburgh's best, Pageboy Salon and Boutique.

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