Monday, January 23, 2012

Things I Wanna Buy: January 2012

We've a new theme here at EverythingBetterPGH and it's called "Things I Wanna Buy." One of my personal goals for 2012 (and hopefully beyond) is to live a little cheaper in order to start saving for a home. It's a crazy idea to me that one day I will be a homeowner. But, I'm sure that this is the place I want to be, so I might as well shoot to make a place within that place a perfect resemblance of me.

This means: I can't go around buying every odd little awesome thing I see. Every now and then I will treat myself, but it will have to be something incredible and unusual that I may never be able to find again. (Case in point: later this week I'll be posting about Wild Stuff where I found an amazing pillow sham with all of the Canadian provincial coat of arms painted on it.)

So, enjoy my replacement for purchasing. Maybe you'll find something suitably odd, little, or awesome and you'll know just where to go to get it. I'm already jealous.

Awesome thing: Zombie Nesting Dolls
Where to buy: Divertido, Lawrenceville, 3609 Butler Street
I'd love to use these to decorate my mantle, which already displays a mini-zombie/monster collection.

Awesome thing: Bicycle Matchbook
Where to buy: Pavement, Lawrenceville, 3629 Butler Street
These would find a home next to my "success" prayer candle, also on the mantle.

Awesome thing: Outpost Journal: Pittsburgh
Where to buy: Wildcard, Lawrenceville, 4209 Butler Street
Confession: I actually did buy this. I went home and used some of my PayPal earnings from my Etsy shop to buy this from the Outpost Journal website. I couldn't resist.

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