Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We've Got the Dreamer's Disease

Some photos to share from New Years Eve! This year I wanted a few simple things: to wear a sparkly dress (CHECK), to drink a bottle of champagne - out of the bottle (CLASSY! and CHECK), and DANCE (MAJOR CHECK).

Leading up to the night, my plans were never really set or thought out. A pleasant surprise this year was getting to celebrate New Years with one of my best friends Rob. He lives in DC now, but Pittsburgh in his heart. Rob and I spend most of our time together in weird places (usually small Canadian cities that no one else we know will ever go to).

We ended up walking from my apartment straight down Gross to Penn to Modern Formations. We "popped" our bottles (they were twist-off: $6.50 bottles of Andre!!) and spent the lead up to midnight hanging out and doing a lot of laughing.


At midnight there was no major countdown inside the gallery. There was a ten-minute warning, but it was only after the official strike of twelve that everyone started hollering and hugging. And then. Something perfect happened:

The first song I heard in 2012 could not have been more perfect. It was from the '90s (have we discussed my love of the '90s yet on this here blog?). It was upbeat and fun. It was positive to a goofy degree that I've really been craving lately. Whatever. It was awesome.

And from there, Rob and I donned our $1 Rite Aid foam animal hats (him: duck, me: turtle) and proceeded to dance to amazing '90s hits (Lit! Harvey Danger! Green Day!) courtesy of our friend Chris Flyer who took over DJing duties after midnight. It was perfect. The last song, at 2 a.m. was "Closing Time." Because of course.

So very very very pleased with the way I wrung in 2012. Or, as I put it so eloquently that night on my personal twitter feed:

Yup. That's about right.

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